Who we are

Nintos yachting is a new company founded early in 2013. It is a family bussiness that started due to our love for sailing. Our aim is to provide our customers with all that they need to enjoy their holidays in Greece, as having fun, and relaxing at the same time. If you seek for adrenaline, if you ask for relaxation, if you want to explore the beautiful beaches of Greece you can do it. Sailing is the way thelping you making that come true.

Where we are


Our base is in Volos. Volos is a lovely city in the heart of Greece, located next to the mount Pelion and its port is part of the Pagasitikos Gulf. It is inbetween Athens and Thessaloniki, so reaching (by car, by bus, by train) the city is pretty easy. The city is known for the ancient history of Jason and the Argonautic expedition (crusade of ancient times). Nowadays Volos is famous for its local traditional food (fresh fish, well cooked) and for the beautifully constructed port.


Volos is one of the most beautiful cities of Greece. It lies at the foot of mount Pelion overlooking the Pagasitic Gulf. The city has both a romantic neoclassic character and the aura of the industrial growth of the 19th century. So you are given the chance of visiting both the Museum of Modern History and the Tsalapatas National Museum of Industrial History too.

Apart from the museums,Volos has numerous of places for the visitor to explore. Narrow picturesque streets, cute city squares, small parks and of course the astounding port. No doubt, this is the most impressive spot of the city. The Argonautic road, as it is called, is the perfect place one can enjoy a walk along admiring the stunning view of the open sea. The port's attractive scenery is embellished by the modern Argo, being an exact imitation of the ancient ship Argo, that can fill history lovers with excitement.

Once you come to Volos you should by all means taste the local cuisine and the special type of taverns called tsipouradika. There, once you order tsipouro (a spirit very popular in Thessaly) some various and different small in quantity but extra in quality special dishes, the so called mezedes , come along for free. Also, if you feel more like shopping or having a coffee or drink the best place you can go to is the buzzing part of downtown, where the heart of the city beats day and night. But the place that during the summer is the hot spot of the city's nightlife is the district of Palia in the west part of the city, close to the Port.

Mythology and Ancient Times

The city has a long history going back to the ancient times. It is the homeland of the mythological hero Jason. The hero of the Argonautic crussade started his search for the Golden Fleece from Iolcus as it was called in the ancient times, sailing the ship called Argo. Their aim was to take the Golden Fleece that was in Colchis (ancient name for Black Sea). The epic journey inspired not only the ancient greek culture but also modern art in total.

Also mount Pelion is considered to be the home of the Centaurous. Those mythic creatures had the head, arms, and torso of a human and the body and legs of a horse.The most famous of them living in the mount of Pelion is Chiron who was known for his knoweldege and skill in medicine, including his intelligence and kind nature. His skills made him a very famous teacher of ancient times and among his pupils were many infamous heroes such as Asclepius, Aeneas, Theseus, Achilles, Jason, Perseus and even Hercules. One can enjoy many exhibits especially the frescos of ancient history in the Athanasakio Archaeological Museum of Volos.

Arts and history

The city gave birth to several famous painters, writers, athletes, scientists. Among them all the most famous worldwide is Giorgio De Chirico, the amazingly talented painter with the unique style especially throughout his metaphysical and surrealistic period.

Apart from De Chirico another naive painter, named Theofilos Hatzimihail well known as “Theofilos” , lived for several years in Volos,. Theofilos was a major naive painter of Neo-Hellenic art and his main subject was the illustration of Greek traditional folklife and history. In 1912 Theofilos was put up by Kontos, and he began decorating some parts of Kontos' house with paintings. This house is now used as the Museum of Theofilos being in Anakasia (10 minutes by car from the city center of Volos).